christmas in crete

Christmas in Crete

Have you ever experienced Christmas in Crete? If not, then this the perfect time! Book now and benefit from our Christmas offer during your luxurious holidays in Chania, Crete! If you book the heated pool during your stay, you get one day free of charge along with a welcome basket packed with Cretan snacks and local wine!

The most magical time of the year is just around the corner and offers the perfect opportunity for a trip! Whether you wish to travel with your family or your friends, the biggest island of Greece has much to offer. Children and adults are able to attend numerous Christmas events and have the time of their lives! On the other hand, apart from the cheerful festive spirit, Christmas in Crete sets a romantic setting for couples. Living at a luxurious private villa with a heated pool, a fireplace and exceptional sea views, sounds like a dream.

Therefore, if you enjoy the Greek culture and wish to add some spark to your Christmas holidays, this is the right time! Find out more information on our article and who knows, maybe we will inspire you to spend Christmas in Crete.

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How locals get ready for Christmas

Usually, the island is on the bucket-list of every traveler, especially during summer. Afterall, Crete is widely known for its warm sun, fantastic beaches and welcoming atmosphere of the locals. But there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to the legendary island.

What most don’t realize is that Crete is an all-year-round destination that is even more charming during Christmas time. Every city and town, from Chania to Agios Nikolaos, are beautifully decorated with vibrant colors, creating thus the most wonderful glow. People are constantly smiling and their enthusiasm is easily contagious! Additionally, every household smells like cinnamon, honey and baked goods. If you’ve never tried (or heard) about Melomakarona or Kourambiedes, then you should definitely do! These sweet Christmas cookies have a soft spot in the hearts of Greeks due to their exquisite taste. You should definitely give them a chance if you happen to pass by a bakery.

A Christmas tree or a decorative tiny boat (a traditional alterative that Greeks choose) are present in every house. Many even like to decorate their yards with numerous lights and ornaments, creating thus a joyful and lovely atmosphere. The festive season is such a precious time for everyone, filled with happiness and kindness that one would hope it would last longer.

Why you should spend Christmas in Crete

Chania city turns into a big festive town full of fun events for everyone. A huge Christmas tree stands proudly at the center of the city and people gather around it to take pictures and numerous selfies. The Old Town is a sight to see with its numerous lights, happy environment and lovely Christmas carols.

If you happen to pass by Rethymno, Christmas carols spread the festive spirit throughout the whole island. Just like every city, Rethymno organizes many fun activities and events as soon as December starts. Specifically, dance and music performances are held at the House of Culture, Christmas bazaars with loads of games, and events at the Square of Agnostou Stratioti.

The biggest city of Crete, Heraklion takes the festive season rather seriously. Dazzling Christmas lights and ornaments adorn the streets and bars promising memorable Christmas parties. Take a trip to the central market, grab a hot chocolate along the way and explore the many alleys and streets.

Agios Nikolaos, although it’s a small city, its festive spirit and hospitable atmosphere are huge! Locals celebrate Christmas by decorating their docked boats at the old port, which creates a magical and spectacular display. Furthermore, Christmas music flows all across Agios Nikolaos, warming the hearts of everyone.

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