Balos Beach in Chania

Balos Beach in Chania | The Best Beach in Crete

Balos Beach in Chania is a must-visit location for everyone who travels to Crete. It is included among the best beaches in Chania, thanks to its exotic setting and spectacular views. The sheer amount of pictures taken by visitors who could not resist its beauty every year, is enough to convince anyone to pay a visit. If you are planning your holidays to Crete in 2023, then you should absolutely add this place to your list!

Let’s see what makes Balos Beach so special.

Balos Lagoon

A tiny Caribbean

Thanks to its crystal clear waters, pink-tinged white sands and pristine location, Balos Beach is rightfully called the Caribbean of Europe. Millions of photographs grace the covers of magazines, travel guides and even videos due to the surreal scenery. It is no surprise that thousands of visitors from every corner of the world deem this place as the #1 place to visit in Crete. Additionally, since the beach is connected to the sea, Balos is regarded as a lagoon. Its warm shallow waters make it ideal for children of all ages to play and swim in all day long.

However, is not just the exotic beauty of this place that makes it so unique. Balos Beach in Chania is an aquatic habitat of paramount ecologic significance for a variety of flora, fauna and animal species. Furthermore, it acts as a natural shelter for the protected Monachus-Monachus monk seal and Caretta-Caretta sea turtle. The above characteristics are among the many reasons that Balos Beach is under the protection of the Natura 2000 program.

Venetian Fortress Imeri Gramvousa

How to get to Balos Beach

The majestic lagoon is located in the region of Kissamos, about 75km from Villa Marevista. It is tucked away in a rugged location and offers some of the best views you’ve ever seen. You will simply HAVE TO make a stop in order to take a picture (or many).

There are 2 main ways to access Balos Beach in Chania: by car or by boat. If you choose to go by car, we suggest to rent an off-road car, as the road to Balos Beach is unpaved and rather bumpy. Alternatively, you can book a tour with our partner, Uncharted Escapes, for a well-organized day trip. You will be escorted by an excellent driver and be able to enjoy the fantastic views at your leisure. Keep in mind that once you reach the parking area, you’ll have to hike down towards the beach for about 20 to 30 minutes. Wearing hiking shoes or trainers is the best option in this case.

On the other hand, if you wish to go by boat, there are numerous boat tours available to visit this place. It is the perfect opportunity to explore Crete through a different perspective. Pick your route, and live an experience like no other!

Shipwreck Gramvousa

What to do in Balos Beach in Chania

The lagoon of Balos is the perfect destination for every type of visitor. There many things to do there such as snorkeling in the deeper part of the idyllic place. Who knows, maybe you’ll even meet the lovely sea turtle or the monk seal! Another activity that you can do is walking up to the 16th century Venetian fortress in the islet of Imeri Gramvousa. However, you can access this place only by boat. Every boat tour includes a stop at this islet, otherwise there are frequent ferry routes from Kissamos harbor during summer. A recent attraction part of this lovely tour is the shipwreck “Dimitrios P.” It is located in the coastal bay of Imeri Gramvousa Islet and dates back to 1968. So, if you can happen to visit Gramvousa, make sure to check out the famous shipwreck.

Even though the best way to access Balos Beach in Chania is via boat or car, some chose to do it on foot! Yes, you heard that right. If you enjoy hiking, then you should go with this option. Gather all the necessary hiking equipment and start walking from Kaliviani village up until the endpoint in Balos Beach. At the beginning of the hiking path, you will find a booth that charges  €1 per person entrance fee. After that, you’ll start walking into the dirt road for about 10km up until the endpoint. This is definitely something that you will adore if you seek a rewarding experience, ending your trekking with a swim.

Is Balos or Elafonisi beach better?

If you’re visiting Crete for the first time, you will be troubled by this question. Which destination to pick in order to live the ultimate summer experience? Even though both beaches are noteworthy and incredibly beautiful, Balos Beach promises a wild adventure! From the unpaved road, to the hike down to the beach and the surrounding landmarks, we are positive that you will love Balos Beach a little more. Many even believe that it is among the greatest beaches in the world! Despite that, both Elafonisi Beach and Balos Beach are great to explore and enjoy your time at on a hot summer day.


Is Balos Beach worth it? Absolutely yes.. Anyone who visits Crete can attest to the glorious beauty of the island. While there are several areas where you can enjoy that beauty, few compare to what Balos offers. If you need help to organize your day trip to Balos Beach in Chania, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you experience the best time of your life in Crete!