Elafonisi Beach

Elafonisi Beach

Elafonisi Beach, one of the most majestic beaches in Greece, but also in the world! Known for its clear, azure and shallow waters, it will take your breath away. Being one of the biggest tourist attractions in Crete, this beach will remind you of an exotic coast. The reason lies not only on its waters, but also on its pink sand and cedar trees. Thus, every visitor is stunned by the magical views and the unique landscape of Elafonisi.

In fact, it is considered so important that it is part of the Natura 2000 Network. This network is responsible for the protection of the natural heritage, and protects 53 areas in Crete. So, the waters of the beach are clear and its thousand visitors every year can admire their beautiful colors. Elafonisi was not always that popular though. The place’s popularity rose in the last couple of years, as it once used to be quiet.

Elafonisi Beach in crete

Elafonisi Beach, the ideal summer spot for everybody.

Since the beach connects to the sea by a small stripe of sand, Elafonisi is also a lagoon. Additionally, it offers plenty of space for those who want to swim, but for those who like to sunbathe too. Being one of the best locations to visit in Crete, Elafonisi lagoon offers various activities. For example, parts of the coast can be quite windy, and so Elafonisi beach can be ideal for windsurfing! Fans of water sports are not the only ones that will love this location though. Thanks to its shallow and warm waters, families with little kids can have a very entertaining time.

Fans of swimming will also love the place, thanks to the deeper parts of the sea. Of course, soaking up the summer sun is always another good option. After all, Greece is famous for its hot summer days. Another thing Greece and the island of Crete are famous for is the local food. Thankfully, you will find plenty of taverns which serve tasty local delicacies. Not only that, but you can try a nice cocktail while having the perfect backdrop. Gazing at the beautiful Elafonisi Beach while enjoying your favorite drink is exactly what summer is all about. The view when the sun is setting is particularly breathtaking.

pink sand in elafonisi beach

A place of beauty

Close to the beach one can find the island of the same name, which adds to the overall scenery. You can go to the small island on foot, thanks to the shallow waters of the lagoon. The island, though not very big, has its fair share of little mysteries that you can discover. For example, you can find some picturesque coves, which most certainly add to the place’s beauty. However, the most popular place of the Elafonisi island is a very old chapel. Its name is “Agia Irini” (Saint Irene), and though not spacious, it is definitely scenic and worth visiting. 

Elafonisi’s flora and fauna are also of great significance. Apart from the different kinds of lilies which grow close to the coast, some rare animal species also live there. These species include even birds. Whether you visit Elafonisi for a swim or not, it is nonetheless one of the most gorgeous parts of Crete. The only thing that is for sure is that you and your company will be amazed, as Elafonisi has something special for everyone!

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