Apokoronas Life

Apokoronas Life

Apokoronas life – one of the most authentic experiences you will find in the island of Crete. Apokoronas is a region with unique natural beaty and it is located on the north coast of Crete, to the east of the town Chania. More specific, it is a wide area with many traditional villages. The seat of the municipality is the beautiful village of Vrysses. If you want to explore the rural life of Crete, head to its villages. Find the traditions, the customs and contact with nature and the hospitable people. Let’s find out more about the scenic region and its villages that reveal the secrets of the Cretan spirit.

To begin with, Apokoronas extends from the hills of the famous White Mountains north to the coast. To the east, it is surrounded by the Cretan Sea, thus, it offers unapparelled views to the mountains and sea. As it is located at the hills of the mountains, the area is very fertile due to the abundance of water making it one of the greenest regions of the island. Moreover, at the famous springs of the village Stylos you will find the awarded water of the White Mountains, Samaria water. One of the highlights, however, is the Lake Kournas the island’s only freshwater lake.

Experience Apokoronas life and uncover the secrets of Crete!

The terrain of the region is truly interesting. From the one side the White Mountains stand imposingly offering raw natural beauty, while in the central part of Apokoronas we find scenic plateaus with churches and traditional cafeterias. To the north, there is the well-known resort of Georgioupolis that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

church in Georgioupolis

The local industries at this land are tourism and agriculture. Apokoronas offers multiple choices during summer as well as for winter holidays. Most of its villages satisfy the demands of many foreigners that want to rent or even buy properties in a beautiful area like this one. So, you will find many foreigners who stay permanently at that villages and live their best of their lives. Furthermore, it is not only the traditional living and the beautiful scenery that makes them stay here.

 In addition, Apokoronas holds a history of a lifetime that goes back to the Venetian times. It is also depicted on the architecture of the houses and the elegant mansions. More specific, Vamos, the biggest village of the region is a beautiful scenic place to start your tour. There are plenty of shops with local products from the surrounding area and many picturesque alleyways to explore. Do not forget to taste the traditional cheese and visit the 13th century chapel. Vamos is also famous for the musical events. It hosts one of Crete’s largest jazz festivals that takes place every summer.

A trip into the past

Moreover, Gavalochori is famous for the stone houses as well as the paved streets and the traditional coffee shops. A historical village, where you should definitely visit the folkore museum. It is a renovated Venetian building that hosts the history and culture of the area. Life in Apokoronas is peaceful, calm and full of natural beauties. Vrusses village is a place that describes perfectly all these characteristics. This charming area is known for the river that pass through the village and the small traditional coffee shops and tavernas around it. Make your visit unforgettable by tasting the local lamb, the antikristo, in a taverna that has Cretan music.

bridge in Vrusses village

However, Apokoronas extends till the coastal side of the island. One of the most beautiful beach villages is Kalyves. Located 19 east of Chania, Kalyves is known as a fishing area that offers a wide range of activities and shops for tourists and inhabitants. The river divides the region in two parts making it a unique scenery with rich flora and fauna, perfect for nature enthusiasts. The main beach is wide and long, ideal for swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. Right next to Kalyves, there is a seaside resort famous for its unspoilt natural beauty. Almyrida Village is a great destination if you are looking for a variety of experiences. A welcoming area with hospitable people that offers numerous choices for family holidays.

almyrida beach in apokoronas

Meet the traditions and culture of Crete

In conclusion, Apokoronas life depicts the essence of Crete as well as the abundance of the natural landscapes. Discover the charm of the area with legends and people who keep the traditions through the years. Taste Cretan delicacies and meet the fascinating culture that enchants everyone who visit the island. Taking time to explore the villages of Apokoronas will reward you over and over.

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