best beaches in chania

Best Beaches in Chania

Find the best beaches in Chania and make your visit truly unforgettable. Imagine huge sandy shores with emerald waters, breathtaking natural beauty and wild landscapes combined in one scenery. Crete, as the largest island of Greece, offers endless possibilities for any type of traveler. Either you are travelling for leisure with family and friends or you are a hiking enthusiast, this island simply has it all. However, Chania boasts some of the most famous beaches in the world.

No matter if you are a first-time visitor or not, you always return to these landscapes. One thing is sure: You will find the beach of your dreams during your stay in our luxurious private villa.

The Best Beaches in Chania

Grab your phone and start making notes, as you shouldn’t miss these top options! We have collected a total of 5 beaches that we believe are among the best ones in the area of Chania. Keep on reading and find out the most breathtaking and best beaches in Chania!

Balos beach in Chania

Balos Lagoon

A combination of an exotic landscape with raw natural Cretan beauty, Balos Lagoon is truly a heavenly place. It features turquoise waters and pinkish sand that create an outstanding scenery. This magnificent beach is perfect for adults and specially children, because of its shallow, warm waters. Moreover, some parts of the beach are pink and grey due to the broken shells. The sandy strip connects the mainland with the rocky peninsula, depending on the sea level. As a result, it forms many unique lagoons where you can walk till the other side of the beach. Most people visit Balos by organized boat tours, but you should not miss the breathtaking view from the top, which you can if you go on foot.

Elafonisi Beach in crete

Elafonisi Beach

Another gem of Cretan nature is the Elafonisi Beach. Velvet soft sand extending in a dramatic sea shore and transparent blue waters that take your breath away describe this masterpiece. Located at the southwestern part of Crete, this peninsula looks like a separate islet, cut from the Caribbean Sea. Furthermore, Elafonisi beach is protected by Natura 2000 as a vital habitat for different species of flora and fauna, including the famous Caretta Caretta turtles. Although most of the area is full of tourists during summer, you can find many quiet coves that reward you with privacy and serenity. Explore every inch of this exotic landscape and see on your own the art of nature. See a short video here.

Kedrodasos Beach in Chania

Kedrodasos Beach

In a short distance from Elafonisi Beach, there is a stunning well-hidden gem, Kedrodasos Beach. A pristine jewel that took its name from the Greek word Κέδρος, which means cedar forest. The forest and nature there has a protection by Natura, because it is valuable and very sensitive. Most of the visitors are campers and naturists, who bring their own supplies for the stay. In order to remain untouched and preserve its beauty, there are no amenities at the whole area.

Seitan Limania Beach in Crete

Seitan Limania

One of the best beaches in Chania that seems remote due to its location, is Seitan Limania Beach. Meaning the devil’s port, this place is a landmark that you should not miss! Just 22km outside of Chania, it is accessible by road until the parking area. Then, you walk down a path that requires suitable footwear. However, by the time you get there you will be surprised by the raw natural beauty. The steep cliffs and rocky shores come in total contrast with the bluest waters you have ever seen. The landscape is imposing with huge rocks surrounding you as you swim through the gulf.

Falassarna Beach in crete

Falassarna Beach

Last but not least, Falassarna Beach is voted as the top beach in Crete and one of the best ones in Europe. It is a huge seashore with amazing blue waters and breathtaking views. Thanks to its size, you will always find a spot to relax and sunbath, even though it is fully organized. The surrounding area is magnificent and is a protected nature reserve. Moreover, it boasts apocalyptic sunset views, considered as the best ones in Crete. Falassarna is also perfect for windsurfers as you can also enjoy pleasant hours by doing water sports.  


In conclusion, Chania has so many stunning places and beaches for every taste. These were some of the best beaches in Chania that you should definitely visit once. However, the list does not end up here. Discover every single one of them and see on your own the miracle of nature depicted on this land.

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